1. What are the programs being offered in the College of Management and Business Technology?
The College of Management and Business Technology offers the following programs: • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Major in Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Business Economics, Financial Management) • Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship • Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management • Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
2. What are the admission requirements to enrol?
To enrol in the programs under CMBT, student must be able to pass the university entrance examination given by the Office of Admissions. To know more about the admission requirements, please visit the admission office website at
3. Am I qualified to avail the free tuition fee?
Given you have pass the entrance exam, yes you are qualified. The university is a recipient of the universal access to tertiary education program of the Government.
4. What are the possible careers if I finish BS in Business Administration?
Human Resource Management: • Management Trainee in Human Resource • Management Office Assistant • Administrative Assistant • Human Resource Assistant • Executive Assistant • Entrepreneur • Recruitment Assistant • Compensation Assistant • Benefits Assistant • Training and Development Financial Management • Management Trainee in Corporate Finance • Management Trainee in Banks or Insurance Company • New Account Personnel • Credit and Collection Assistant • Credit Analyst • Treasury Assistant • Entrepreneur • Cashier • Trader • Financial Analyst Marketing Management • Management Trainee in Marketing • Marketing Assistant • Account Executive • Merchandising Assistant • PR/Advertising Assistant • Service crew • Customer service agent/representative • Junior sales trainee • Receptionist • Entrepreneur • Product/Brand Assistant • Order/Billing Assistant Business Economics • Management Trainee • Research Assistant • Field researcher • Corporate Planning Analyst • Entrepreneur • Trader (Source: CMO 17 S. 2017)
5. What are the possible careers if I finish BS in Entrepreneurship?
• Entrepreneur • Business Development Assistant • Corporate Planning Development Assistant • Marketing Assistant (Source: CMO 18 S. 2017)
6. What are the possible careers if I finish BS in Tourism Management?
Graduates of BS in Tourism Management may establish a career in the following area: • Air, Cruise ships, Rail, Coach, Automobile, Marketing, Communication • Documentation/Information Bureau • Center Tour and Travel Operations