Alay sa Freshmen

To welcome the new members of the CMBT family, students participated in the annual Alay sa Freshmen. This activity happened in August 2020. This activity aims to orient the new students in the different things they need to know

Walk the Talk

To foster the love for the environment and to promote responsible waste management, the CMBT students participated in the Annual Walk the Talk project of the USG. In unity with the university and in solidarity with the USG leaders, the students actively engaged in cleaning the surroundings.


To provide an avenue for student leaders to learn more and to strengthen their capacity as leaders, the office of student affairs conduct the annual ALTC in which the student leaders from the College of Management and Business Technology actively participated. This was conducted in September 25-27, 2019

Valentines’ day 2020

The College of Management and Business Technology conducted a pre-valentine’s day celebration last February 13, 2020. This activity aims to strengthen the students’ emotional capacity by enabling them to become more expressive and build a stronger bond among students

University Meet 2020

In November 2020, the University Meet happened. This is the annual athletic activity organized by the University Supreme Government. The College of Management and Business Technology was hailed as the Over-all Champion. This athletic event was participated by the different colleges and campuses of the university.

Winter Wonderland

The Hotel and Restaurant Management in November 26, 2019 conducted an event with the theme Winter Wonderland to showcase the creativity, talents, skills, and exceptional abilities of the students. This is activity is conducted in order for the students to show their learned skills and grasp new insights essential for their holistic development.

Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs 2019

In May 10, 2019, the BS in Entrepreneurship Department held its recognition of the Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs 2019. This activity aims to recognize the performance of the students in implementing their respective projects. This activity also aims to transfer the key responsible of the BES officers to its new breed of student leaders

University’s 21st Charter Anniversary

In celebration of the University’s 21st Charter Anniversary, the college participated in the different activities. One of activities in which the college participated was the product bazaar exhibit showcasing the creativity and innovative products that the CMBT has. The activity happened in March 27-29, 2019


In order to provide an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN IN CONSUMER’S RIGHT, and to showcase the creativity and skills of the students in the arts, the College of Management and Business Technology conducted a poster making contest with the theme Making Digital Market Fairer in October 28, 2018 at the CMBT-AVR Room. This activity was spearheaded by continue reading : AWARENESS CAMPAIGN ON CONSUMER’S RIGHT: Poster Making Contest