Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
The business administration program utilizes an integrated approach to study the interrelationships among the different functional areas of business and examine how the effective orchestration of these different components of business operations can lead to organizational success. (Source: CMO 17, S. 2017)

Major in Marketing

The Marketing Management program prepares the graduate for careers in marketing, market research, advertising, and public relations. The curriculum provides the graduate with both technical skills and competencies required in the field, but also the flexible mindset that is necessary to stay competitive in a constantly changing business environment. (Source: CMO 17, S. 2017)

Major in Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management program prepares the graduate for a career in the Human Resources Department of any organization, handling the many diverse human capital requirements of the organization, including recruitment, staffing, training, and career development (Source: CMO 17, S. 2017).

Major in Business Economics

The Business Economics program prepares graduates for careers in banking, economic, and development planning, as well as general management. The program focuses on the relationship of business operations and the economy as a whole. It integrates economic principles and strategies into standard business practices so that the student can have both the micro view of how the business can acquire capital, generate profit and efficiently produce goods and services, as well as the macro view of how external economic factors such as government regulation can affect and should influence business decisions (Source: CMO 17, S. 2017).

Major in Financial Management

The Financial Management program prepares the graduates for various careers in financial management as well as in related fields, including but not limited to corporate finances, investment management, banking, credit, trust operations, insurance, foreign currency markets, money markets, capital markets, and other financial securities markets (Source: CMO 17, S. 2017).

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship
The BS in Entrepreneurship program will help aspiring entrepreneurs acquire the skills, values, and attitudes that will increase their chances of success. After the completion of all academic requirements of the program, graduates of BS Entrepreneurship should be able to set up and manage their own business and work in any organization where entrepreneurial competencies are required (Source: CMO 18, S. 2017)
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management and Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management
The BS in Hospitality Management and BS in Tourism Management will equip students with competencies that are needed to execute operational tasks and management, functions in food production (culinary), accommodation, food and beverage, service, tourism planning, and product development, events planning, transportation services, travel and tour operations, and other emerging sectors of hospitality and tourism industry.