As per CHED Memorandum Order No. 18, series of 2017, the goals for Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship graduates are as follows: A graduate who has the capability to:

1. Set up a business,

2. Manage and operate a business, and

3. Assume managerial position in the field of business development, corporate planning and other related positions in the corporate or public organizations or non-government organizations.


1. To produce self-reliant students and encourage their participation and contribution to the national economic and social

2. To generate vital entrepreneurial competencies and technical expertise in managing business enterprises.

3. To demonstrate the entrepreneurial skills of the students leading to the establishment of productive

As per CHED Memorandum Order No. 17, series of 2017, the goals for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduates are as follows:

1. Assume supervisory and/or managerial responsibilities within their organization.

2. Pursue graduate studies in business and management.

3. Manage a business.

Major in Marketing Management

1. To produce and develop versatile and excellent students in the field of marketing management and other related

2. To practice scholarly and relevant marketing research work and enhance their proficiency as future marketing researchers and business

3. To equip the students with the necessary knowledge and technical skills in managing the marketing operations of any business

Major in Human Resource Management

1. To motivate the students to grasp lifelong career in the field of human resource management and other related fields.

2. To support students in handling the human capital requirements of the organization including recruitment, staffing, training and career

3. To transform the students to become strategic partners in building the organization to become globally competitive.

Major in Financial Management

1. To take part in becoming a practitioner in the financial management and allied fields.

2. To build students with market integrity, ethics, regulations, good governance and competitive global perspective.

3. To train the students to become financial literate and effective decision maker for them to become respectable financial managers in the future.

Major in Business Economics

1. To develop the students in banking career, economic/planning and development as well as general management of an organization.

2. To generate vital knowledge and skills in human capital management, fiscal administration, government budgeting and accounting , policy analysis and program

3. To provide economic principles and strategies that could be applied into standard business practices.


• To offer courses designated to produce graduates who are skilled, knowledgeable, and competitive in the field of Hospitality and Tourism Industry.

• To promote and maintain quality and relevant education and academic excellence among faculty and students alike.

• To cooperate and coordinate with the different colleges and other departments, sections of the university towards the realization of the general objectives and goals of the Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology.

• To establish linkages with outside agencies to facilitate the accomplishment of the University.

• To conduct applied researches along the field of Hospitality and Tourism Industry responsive to the needs of the extension service toward community and national development.

• To contribute to the upliftment of the standard of living of the people through transfer of business technologies related to hospitality and tourism industry.

• To develop globally competitive management and business technologies that are responsive to the needs of the University, its target clienteles and the country in general.


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Graduates of BS in Hospitality Management program should be able to:

• Apply learned principles and skills in hotel and restaurant management and its operation.

• Manage or engage in hotel and restaurant operation or in any hospitality- related sector.

• Engage in life-long learning undertaking in graduate studies and or professional service training

• Contribute toward the improvement/development of the hotels, restaurants and or hospitality-related industry practices, community –based activities included.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

Graduates of BS in Tourism Management program should be able to:

• Contextualize tourism within extensive cultural, environmental, political and economic dimensions of society.

• Explicate the diverse nature of tourism, including culture and place in the local and global perspectives.

• Interpret and assess tourism as a phenomenon and as a business system.

• Lead, organize and control resources for effective and efficient tourism operations.

• Propose and conduct a research project to inform tourism practices.

• Relate principles of sustainability to the practice of tourism in the local and global context.

• Work collaboratively in groups, both as a leader and a team member, in diverse environments including the learnings of others in the field of tourism industry.